Great Southern Waste Disposal (GSWD) provides local governments and commercial businesses with a range of recycling collection options. Kerbside recycling collections is provided through local government with the provision of yellow-top 240L SULO bins, and bulk recycling in several Shires.

GSWD also provide local businesses with bulk recycling options, including a selection of bins in various sizes. The bins with lids are ideal for large quantities of cardboard waste, and help prevent recyclable materials from becoming contaminated. Weekly or fortnightly collection is available to suit business needs.

Once collected, recycling is transported back to GSWD Municipal Recovery Facility (MRF) in Narrogin. Recyclable material is then sorted into individual categories and baled ready for transportation. These bales are transported to various Recycling Facilities in Perth for markets locally and overseas.

No recyclable materials collected by GSWD are deposited on landfill sites – they are all recycled. For more information about recycling, please visit the Recycle Right website.